Monday’s Watch, Listen, Read


Since we’re officially in the fall season, I thought it might be nice to post this reminder/instructional video called “How to Put Yourself Inside of a Coat” by Allie Brosh. Stay warm.

You can find out more about Allie below in my Read pick of the week.


I was stumped today when trying to decide on a Listen pick. Luckily, a Twitter friend offered some inspiration when she tweeted about a song she was currently listening to. It was perfect for this week’s pick. Also, I own the sountracks to every Wes Anderson movie. And I like when people cover David Bowie songs. In Portuguese. Done and done. Enjoy.


Allie Brosh’s blog, Hyperbole and a Half, was introduced to me by this lady, who, if you’ve had the opportunity to watch or listen to her (you can’t read her. yet.) you know anything that comes from her message box to yours is worth checking out.  Hyperbole quickly made my list of blogs I visit hourly daily.  All of Allie’s comics are fantastic, vivid memories of her child and adulthood experiences. They are also entirely relatable and can result in feelings of both warm fuzzies and little butterflies of anxiety when you read them. This one was the first I read and remains my favorite. 


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