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The Brow Gets a Lift

As you’ve noticed by now, The Brow got a little lift (a brow lift!) courtesy of Tony Sedani. Tony read some of my posts and then sent me the following lovely email:

Hey i was checking out your blog and i dig it, great writing!  Hey I felt inspired and made a banner, don’t feel obligated to use it, i won’t feel offended, i just had a moment of inspiration and wanted to offer it to you…

I like it when creativity begets creativity. The diversity of Tony’s talent needs to be noted, because if you check out The Draw Box, a site he shares with his friend, Joe Daxberger, you’ll see his downtime oeuvre consists mainly of superhero and villan renderings. So, for him to play around with Audrey Hepburn’s eye is something special — and illustrates his wicked skills (ed. I had to throw in a little Boston lingo for Tony).

Tony, your creativity will inspire me to hold this blog up to a higher standard of word-fanciness with my new banner.

P.S. Tony is getting married this weekend to my family friend, Chelsea! I wish them both much love and happiness. May your marriage be filled with the perfect combination of high brow/low brow fun. xo


This Post Has Nothing to do with Anything

Sometimes, the internets (and friends) deliver exactly what you need, when you need it most. The below appeared in my inbox during a day week (this one) where I wasn’t feeling particularly awesome .

Dear [AVB]

Q: How hard do you rock? How frequently?

A: Very hard. Very frequently.