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Happy Holidays

Wishing you all peace, love, joy, and a Merry Christmas!

I should have my tech issues worked out in time for this week’s installment of Monday’s Watch, Listen, Read.


Holiday Shrubbery

That’s what we call the office Christmas tree. The rule is each department must make their own ornament to add to our shrubbery. Contributions include: a mini trash bag (from our trash-removing PAs), a check request for Santa for one million dollars from accounting, a photo collage of our actors from casting, a small map from our locations dept, origami in the shape of a gift box from our art department, a paper airplane and travel memo for Santa plus nine reindeer from the travel/housing person, a mini palm tree from our LA office, a garland of Liza Minnelli’s eyes from set dec, and a sign marked “redemption,” because we’re really going to need it after this job.