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Get Into the Groove

I’m really good with writing deadlines. I always have work in on time. This includes first drafts, edits, rewrites and final drafts. It doesn’t matter if I’m rocking a day job or multiple jobs at once. My writing is ALWAYS on time.


When it’s for me. In which case, I’m the worst freelancer and editor combined. I ask for deadline extensions and grant them for myself. My final drafts never get written and I never make myself accountable for them. In fact, anything beyond the first draft or a few rewrites rarely see anything beyond the inside of my “Work in Progress” folder on my computer desktop.

This has got to stop.

I recently made a big-ish job decision. One that might be the stupidest or the smartest decision I’ve ever made. I’m not entirely sure yet. But like hell I’m going to sit here and just see what unfolds. I don’t like to sit and wait.  I’m gathering up my little words like pawns on a chessboard. They are my first line of defense. They need to save both the castles (my home) and the queen (me). They have a big job to do and they’ve been waiting for this moment to get in the game.

But I digress from the real reason for this post.

A few things lead to my recent decision. Mainly, I was starting to doubt myself and my words. I needed to refocus my goals and start saying no to others and yes to myself. This is why I decided to attended Maggie Mason’s post-BlogHer NYC Meetup. This was the first thing I was going to do for myself. There were bunches of awesome bloggers/writers at the event. These ladies had websites with a focus and a following. Apart from my “Photo a Day” blog on Tumblr, I have this blog, which I hadn’t updated since June. At the meetup, I was inspired by people who truly keep up with their site because writing is their passion. It helps them better understand who they are or who they want to become. They are explorers in their own lives. Not all of these bloggers have audiences in the millions, but they don’t care. They love what they do and they are in a groove. I wanted to be in a groove, too. It was then that I made another decision for myself: I will stick to writing here daily. I’m forewarning you, some posts might suck. Some days I might just post pictures of shoes I’m coveting online or a song I’ve been listening to on repeat. Hopefully, that will only happen until my chessboard strategy becomes clear. Until all of the little pieces start to make sense. Then things will start to move. Right?

I’m also going to post my life list on here. Because it’s been collecting enough dust as a Word doc, and I want to start Golden Ponying that shit. What is a life list, you ask? Well, it’s not this. It’s more like this. Perhaps some of my items will align with those of other Life Listers and we can work on an item together. Power in numbers, people!

So, here’s to the start of a year full of words. I’ll throw as many of them out (in a timely manner and as coherently) as possible. For the few hundred of you here reading, in the words Bravo TV, my favorite highbrow/lowbrow network: Watch What Happens.

Attention Employee: Office Holiday Party

An annual email I send out to my “business associates”:

In the spirit of the holidays and because everyone else we know has office/company christmas parties, I’ve decided to make my own. I know you guys, my fellow freelancers, assistants, writers, “entrepreneurs” and unemployed friends, will appreciate this one.


Begin forwarded message:

Please join me at my office holiday party, celebrating the season’s festivities and a toast to the employee of the year, AVB. The party will take place starting on Monday, December 17th during office hours: 11 pm – 3 am and extending through Christmas and into the New Year. During the party, I will be revealing my secret santa, a refreshment will be served, and don’t be surprised if karaoke makes its way into the festivities! Dress code is business casual (read: flannel pajamas and old camp tee shirts). Please be on your best behavior as a photographer (me with my iPhone) will be documenting the event and photos will be available for purchase.

Please note that due to recent cutbacks and a flagging economy, the annual holiday bonus will not be given this year. Instead a donation has been made in AVB’s name to the Human Fund, funding humans where they need it most.

Please RSVP to AVB in the HR department.

Happy Holidays!


President, Founder, sole proprietor, CEO, COO, CFO, etc. etc.