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Keep On Rocking in the Free World: The Joe Iconis Rock and Roll Jamboree

The Joe Iconis Rock and Roll Jamboree at the Laurie Beechman Theatre is proof that Joe Iconis and his merry band of musical misfits are the future of Broadway. Iconis’ songs have a unique draw that feels very specific to Generation Y, initially the music sounds a little quirky, humorous, and light, but as the song unfurls itself, there’s an underbelly of melancholia and beauty. Iconis takes you on an emotional roller coaster. In four minutes, an entire life unfolds. This feeling is a bit like hearing a Sondheim song for the first time.

The Jamboree cast is made up of Iconis’ crazy-talented musical theatre family, which includes: Katrina Rose Dideriksen, Ian Kagey, Jeremy Morse, Lance Rubin, Jason “SweetTooth” Williams, MK Lawson, Liz Lark Brown, Jared Weiss, Brent Stranathan, and Krysta Rodriguez. The special guest at show I attended was Heidi Blickenstaff, who premiered a new song called “Ammonia.” There really aren’t words to accurate describe how hard Heidi rocked that song, so here’s a little visual slice of Blickenstaff/Iconis awesomeness:

This group of performers has a vibrancy and raw passion that permeates every note of a song. They are the voices and talents of a generation. Go see them now.

You have one more change to catch The Joe Iconis Rock and Roll Jamboree tomorrow night (Monday, 8/30 @ 9:30p; $10 cover) at the Laurie Beechman Theatre. Reservations can be made by calling: 212 695 6909

P.S. There’s even a drinking song!