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Sunday Obsessions: Tech Crunch

Chic Sleeves

It was hard to stop myself from buying up their entire store, but Tovi Corrie’s Etsy shop is home to the most perfect iPhone/iTouch/iPad/Kindle cases I have yet to come across. Beautiful, whimsical, and practical. Just the way I like it.

I had a hard time choosing between these three cases. Can you guess which one I ended up picking?

Hard Shell

Sometimes I get bored with my plain, black incase shell for my iPhone. So I did a little Googling to find a place where I could customize my hard shell case. Voilà! Uncommon is exactly what I was looking for. You can choose from some of their own artist-designed cases or upload a photo or creation of your own. Here’s mine, using one of my own photographs.

Slivers of Business

So this pick isn’t really techie, but it’s a result of another Google search and an obsession will all things mini. When I attended Maggie Mason‘s Mighty Meetup, a few people (Maggie included) handed me little slivers of hard card stock with an image on one side and their contact info on the other. Mini business cards! These cards from Moo are not only adorable, but take up much less space in your bag and allow you to be really creative. 100 cards cost you $20! And, you can upload a single image or 100 images to customize each card. I started with five. Cropping your photos for these cards allows you see them in an entirely different way. Fun and functional.

Update: Mashable just published a similar post, but with a few more, cool options for cases and such. Check it out.

Sunday Obsession

I’ve finally caught up withe the rest of America’s Sunday obsession. Mad Men. O.M.G.

Sunday Obsessions

The US Open (tennis season in general, really)

Lazy, rainy Sundays spent baking no-knead bread

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