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Monday’s Watch, Listen, Read: Kinder Edition

I recently learned of the existence of the word Mudita. It means the “sympathetic or vicarious joy, the pleasure, that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being.” September has brought a lot of opportunities for mudita. Two friends, featured as this Monday’s “Watch+Listen” and “Read”  picks, are people I grew up with.

My memories say a lot for who these girls (now women) have become. The Chapin Sisters, Abigail and Lily, are folk singers currently on tour with the band She & Him. The Chapins’ first album, “Two” will be release on September 14th. Their video for “Digging a Hole” is a watch+listen. Georgia Pellegrini‘s book, “Food Heros” published on September 1st. I love when people’s talents extend beyond their childhoods, memories, dreams, and out into the world. The mudita will keep spreading.

Watch + Listen

I can still remember the music I would hear upon entering the Chapin household. Chords plucked on banjos, voices singing rounds, and the strumming of a guitar.


The Pellegrini house was where I collected fresh eggs from their chickens after a sleepover party. During Christmas, we made ornaments out of clementines and cloves.